May 2021 Newsletter

Updated: May 14, 2021

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I have sent out a newsletter, and I haven’t been overly present on Instagram. I am trying to give myself the space I need in order to spend the days with my kids, and to take necessary pauses for myself as much as I can. This past year has definitely taught me the importance of putting my own well-being into the equation, and I am definitely in a way better mental, emotional and physical space because of it. As I have done in previous newsletters, I will include some links to podcasts that I have found helpful in some way. I will also list a few books that are on my bookshelf right now.

On the business front, I have just received a huge amount of new spinning fibre and Honest Sock machine washable Corriedale yarn. I will also be stocking up on some of my Union Fibre staples like Union 4ply Merino, Merino Singles, BFL DK and Mohair Silk Fluff. I was in the dye pots this morning and playing with some of the Honest Sock in some newer colourways. Be prepared for some beautiful yarn!

I have also just delivered a large order of Worsted Weight Merino Linen yarns to the Miss Maude Sewing Shop in Greytown, and you can find these yarns both in store and online. My linking button seems to be malfunctioning so here is the shop link and you can search for Union Fibre. (I can't even hyperlink it, sorry! You will have to manually type it).

These are some of the last skeins of the worsted weight merino linen that I have in stock and will be the last available online. I have saved some for the upcoming Capital Fibre Fest (happening in July).

In regards to my next online shop update, I plan to do one in early to mid-June, and I will get an exact date organised and posted soon. I will have some hand dyed spinning fibre, and a few ready-to-ship yarns for this, but am planning to do my first Union Fibre Yarn Club in this update. I have wanted to do a yarn club for ages now, and finally have the creative capacity to have some serious fun with it. I will send out a separate newsletter in about a week or two with Yarn Club details. I would like to aim to do a quarterly Yarn Club and also a quarterly Hand Spinning Fibre Club.

I am also in the midst of getting a blog set up on my website. I will be aiming to focus on newsletters and blogs in order to move more into knowledge sharing and tutorials where the information doesn’t get lost quickly down the Instagram feed. I will still post stories, images and little blurbs on Instagram, but will be using it more for InstagramTV and links to the blog, etc. I do a lot of sewing (more sewing than knitting, actually), and thought it would be fun to share some things on this from time to time. I also want to attempt some fun dye tutorials. But I am really going to go slowly on this and try to make it achievable.

And now for some of the podcasts/books etc I have been enjoying:


How to Build Exceptional Relationships and Why You Should with David Bradford and Carole Robin - Dr Rangan Chatterjee (

- This podcast has really reinforced the importance of healthy communication and relationship building.

Ep 139 - How to heal yourself with Dr. Nicole LePera — MOTHERKIND

- I really appreciate holistic approaches to health and wellbeing and enjoyed the discussion in this podcast.

‎Under The Skin with Russell Brand: #165 The War For Your Consciousness (with Tristan Harris) on Apple Podcasts

- Anyone interested in Big Tech and the current technological revolution may enjoy the themes, ideas and issues in this conversation. Interesting thoughts around the commodification of our minds. Go capitalism and unregulated corporations, yay...

‎Under The Skin with Russell Brand: #171 Understanding Our Divided Realities (with Jonathan Haidt) on Apple Podcasts

- This really highlighted some key aspects in the huge division we are seeing in the current socio-political climate. A very worthwhile conversation with some interesting ideas.

Helena Norberg-Hodge: Local is the Future (E36) | Charles Eisenstein

- I have been reading and investigating a lot about the climate crisis in the past couple of years and appreciate the many nuances that Charles Eisenstein brings forward. This discussion with Helena Norberg-Hodge highlighted some ideas that we don't often hear in mainstream media. I love the idea of re-localisation, and figuring out ways to heal ourselves, our communities and our planet through moving away from the catastrophic effects of globalisation.


The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller

- This was given to me by my friend Gini (from Little Acorn Yarn). I am LOVING it. I mainly read non-fiction, but love a good fiction novel here and there. This is not disappointing.

Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton

- A fascinating book by a revolutionary cell biologist. I will never look at life the same way again. A fun read.

No Boundary - Ken Wilber

- Currently reading and really loving the way Ken Wilber explains various stages of human consciousness. I am fascinated by this subject matter, and highly recommend Ken Wilber's work.

Entangled Life - Merlin Sheldrake

- I am only just starting this book, but have heard so many great reviews. I am obsessed with fungi and microbial life. I am beginning to understand how these teeny life forms arguably play the key roles to life on our planet and within our bodies.

If you have listened/read any of these, or go onto listen or read any of them, I am keen to hear what you think. And please feel free to share any of your favourite podcasts or books that have really helped shape the way you think and move forward in this world.

That is all for now! As always, please feel free to hit reply with any questions or comments.

Much love in this strange and lonely time <3


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